The History of SADS

SADS was formed in 1956 and one of the founder member's grand-daughter is still an active member today. An early programme from 1963 depicts the ‘Breath of Spring’ performed in April; previous productions, noted in the programme, performed up to that date included: Blithe Spirit, The Reluctant Debutante, Dead on Nine and There’s Always a Murder. Long term residents of Send will remember: Bettsworths, L & C Sherington, Tyson the Chemist and Gladdings Stores all of whom advertised in the programme.

In the first ever SADS newsletter in October 1975 it was recorded that there were 19 paid up members of the society.  In March 1976 auditions were taking place for the 50th production ‘Mystery at Greenfingers’ and in September 1977 a cheese and wine party was held to celebrate the 21st anniversary.Masks

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s SADS fortunes floundered somewhat; with dwindling membership and audiences, however the arrival of a new member, David Cooper and his wife Shirley, changed all of this. Not only was he a talented actor but  his drive, ambition and directorial  vision transformed SADS into the society it is today, memorable productions with casts of 40 or 50 were commonplace, possibly the most memorable of all being Fiddler on the Roof.

 In the 1985 version of the constitution it was stated that:” it’s (SADS) object shall be the production of dramatic works in Send and the surrounding area” and so SADS has continued to grow and flourish with a vibrant, friendly, non-elitist membership.